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What a month July has been, after the excitement of June (getting older, holiday and engagements) I thought July might have been a bit of anti-climax. However Ive still managed to cram lots of exciting things in-between working lots and lots to save for my final year. So seeing as we are now in August I thought it was... Continue Reading →


First of all ....   A huge congradulations to all the Leicester Law Students who graduated yesterday, I can't imagine how good it must feel to know that all your years of hard work paid off. I got to see some of the fabulous outfits from my reception desk yesterday and you all looked amazing. Big... Continue Reading →


May 2016   It's been a busy couple of weeks so I've been away from my blog for a bit, but now with a long summer ahead of me I'll aim to try and write a post at least once every two weeks. So without further delay here is my May post. Trying New Things... Continue Reading →

Puppy Countdown Begins …

Puppy Countdown Begins.... This week was MEGA exciting for so many reasons, the main reason being that I got to see my puppy for the last time before we pick her up for good. I am beyond excited to finally bring her home, although the timing is not the best (she arrives 16 days before... Continue Reading →

A stands for April and Adele

A is for April and Adele     The start of this month was pretty special as I got to go see Adele live with my Canadian Soul Sister, it was quite literally one of the most incredible nights. Even though second year exams are just around the corner sometimes you need to take a... Continue Reading →


To quote Adele "Hello its me" Hello, I'm a second year law student trying hard to pass exams and avoid revision at the same time, trust me when I say that this is a job in its self. Shock horror I'm also a mature student ( I know I look so youthful) working two jobs... Continue Reading →

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