Starting my final year

  In 2010 I wasn't happy with where my life was headed. I was in a job that meant I had missed out on countless holidays, birthdays, and weekends with friends. My boyfriend was in his second year at University and heading towards a career with prospects and ¬†opportunities that I just didn't have access... Continue Reading →

Getting ready for Uni

Tomorrow see's the start of September which means that its only 4 more weeks until University starts, 4 short weeks. Trust me when I say that those weeks will fly by, soon you will be packing up your car, or your parents car or who ever has been tasked with the job of transporting you... Continue Reading →

So you’re going to be a law student…

You've spent two years cramming for A Level exams, drafting personal statements, visiting prospective universities, panicking about exams, and then the long wait. Maybe you've taken a gap year or a few years out, either way the time is finally here your going to be a law student.¬†   So what should you expect? Are... Continue Reading →

The Results are in…..

The Results are in.... Finally, after what seems like an absolute age, I have received my exam results and I can happily announce that I got...*drum roll* ....a High 2:1. I'm so happy with the results and massively relieved that I've got 40% of my degree sorted. This year I did feel like I had... Continue Reading →

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